I recently defended my PhD in Bioengineering, which I did in the Cremins Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. My research revolved around developing analysis techniques for studying the three dimensional structure of the mammalian genome. In particular, I analyzed maps of genome folding obtained using techniques like 5C or Hi-C and integrated them with other epigenetic datasets to understand how genome folding plays a role in development and disease.

Here's a list of publications I was a part of during my time in the lab:

First author and co-led projects

Cell Systems 2019 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Genome Biology 2020 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Collaborative projects in which I played a lead/major role in data analysis

Cell Stem Cell 2016 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Molecular Cell 2016 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Nature 2019 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Projects to which I provided assistance in the form of code and technical scientific advice

Genome Research 2017 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Methods 2018 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Cell 2018 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Nature Methods 2019 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF

Nature Genetics 2020 | DOI | Pubmed | PDF